Portrait of
Anna's Daughter
Portrait of Marci
Portrait of Stephanie
Portrait of Tamarind
Lynne Wagner approaches painting Portraits as a contemplative activity that combines the discipline of technique
with the feeling, intuitive process of relating sensitively to the body, mind, feeling and spirit of the person she is
painting. Lynne enjoys working personally with people to manifest their vision of the unique original work of art they
want to display in their home or office, or to offer to loved ones as special gifts.   Please
Contact Lynne if you are
interested in her commissioned portrait work.
“I look for the living light in everyone, the source of all beauty.  It is wonderful when
others share my perception and appreciate the images that emerge.  I consider a painting
successful if someone is moved to say that it is beautiful.  Many of the portraits were
created in collaboration with the subject of the work.
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