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Lynne Wagner holds a MA in Education. She has taught fine art in both public
and private schools. She is a student of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, who instructed
her in the process of copying masterworks of art as a form of apprenticeship
and guided her study of traditional secular and sacred art of both the East and
West. She began to paint and sell figurative work in 1995.

Lynne Wagner’s original art is created using acrylic paint on canvas.  She offers
limited-edition archival quality giclées reproduced exclusively from her original
paintings and portraits on acid-free canvas or paper. Lynne uses human
figures as a focal point, because they are capable of expressing the subtle and
beautiful qualities of compassion, vulnerability, equanimity, strength, happiness,
humor, peace and joyfulness.  She has designed and produced custom
corporate artwork by commission.  For ten years, Lynne practiced art by
reproducing works by Marc Chagall, Georgia O’Keefe, Henri Rousseau and
Paul Gauguin.  She hand-copied the work of Australian Aboriginal artists,
Japanese woodblock printmakers and Eastern Masters of Sacred Thanka

Lynne Wagner’s work is praised for “bringing the humanity of the feminine back
to the natural condition of innocence.”  Her paintings and giclee reproductions
have sold to many collectors across the country, but most especially in the
Northern California wine country, because that is where she lives and paints.
Lynne Wagner Art